A strange brew indeed.
**** Q Recommends
— Q magazine
One of the most original artists out there.
— Blues Matters magazine
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British Genre-Bending Roots Producer Conil‘s first album - Strange Part of the Country - received four stars from Q magazine.

But he struggled with a follow up for ten years. So he moved to New Orleans and disappeared for a while.

Rasping, gritty, urban blues, full of tales of hard drinking and hard life. Pray [he] lives long enough to record a second album.
**** Q Recommends
— Q magazine

Produced by Conil.

Mixed by Grammy-winner Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Pearl Jam, Tom Waits).

Featuring double bass by Danny Thompson (John Martyn, Nick Drake).

[Producer Conil and mix engineer Tchad Blake] crafted a fine selection of recordings. Bassist Danny Thompson adds a touch of class. This record is anything but predictable. Conil takes the blues on a 21st century journey.
— Blues Matters magazine


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According to the track Round Midnight, singer Conil (just the one name) has “jazz in my vein and the blues even comes out of my arsehole.
**** Q Recommends
— Q magazine
I played it last week. I just had to play it again.
— Bob Harris Country, BBC Radio 2
One of the most original artists out there. A warped and murky mix of country, rock, blues. Modern rock music at its very best. One of the best releases of the year.
— Blues Matters magazine (front cover feature)
If you like your music real, raw and meaningful here’s the voice for you.
Heat’s Hot New Artists of the Year
— Heat magazine
A fantastic album.
— Steven Merchant, BBC 6 Music (live session)
A triumphant album. He is something else and deserves your absolute attention. Ahead of any other singer / songwriter out at the moment.
— Live4ever blog
A simply crushing masterpiece. A smoking array of blues, country and folk whipped up into a secret brew.
— The Sunday Experience blog
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Strange Part of the Country

by Conil